Thesis by Rajaleid wins price

Kristiina Rajaleid won third price for her thesis at the national science contest for students, organized by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research and Archimedes Foundation. The title of the thesis is: "Early and later life mechanisms in the aetiology of cardiovascular disease".

Doktorandanställning i ”Health Equity Studies”

CHESS söker nu en doktorand med examen i samhälls- eller medicinsk vetenskap för ett projekt med fokus på intergenerationella effekter av missbruk i ett livsloppsperspektiv.

Report by Jennie Ahrén receives media attention

The Government report on school and young people's psychosocial health, authored by Jennie Ahrén (CHESS) has recieved attention in the Swedish media.

Forthcoming in Advances in Life Course Research

Ylva Almquist is the author of a study on social isolation in classrooms and subsequent health, forthcoming in Advances in Life Course Research. The results suggest that children who were isolated in the school class had an increased amount of hospitalisations in the ages 20-50 compared to their non-isolated classmates.

Report on school and young people's psychosocial health

On November 3, a Government report on school and young people's psychosocial health was published. The author is Jennie C. Ahrén, a researcher at CHESS. The report focuses on the link between school and boys' and girls' psychosocial health, taking its starting-point in publications from CHESS.

Published in Neuropsychobiology

Jennie Ahrén-Moonga is the lead author of a study published ahead of print in Neuropsychobiology. The title is: "Levels of tumour necrosis factor-alpha and interleukin-6 in severely ill patients with eating Disorders"

Media interest in study by Goodman and Koupil

Anna Goodman and Ilona Koupil have published a second paper from their research on social and early life determinants of reproductive success in Swedish men and women born 1915-1929.

Published in Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health

Professor Anders Hjern (CHESS) is one of the authors to an article recently published in Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. The title is: "School grades, parental education and suicide - a national register-based cohort study".

Denny Vågerö joins Senior Advisory Board

The Director of WHO Europe, Zsuzsanna Jakab has invited Professor Denny Vågerö (CHESS) to be one of the members of the “Senior Advisory Board” of the “European review of the social determinants of health and the health divide”.

Defence of doctoral thesis, Kristiina Rajaleid

Kristiina Rajaleid (CHESS/KI) will defend her doctoral thesis: "Early and later life mechanisms in the aetiology of cardiovascular disease", November 12th, at 9.30 o’clock. Opponent is Professor Amanda Sacker, Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex.

Half-time seminar, Anton Lager

On Friday 22 October, the half-time seminar of PhD Student Anton Lager will take place at CHESS. The title is: "Intelligence and mortality".

Published in Personality and Mental Health

An article written by Jenny Eklund, Jennie Freidenfelt Liljeberg and Britt af Klinteberg is now published in Personality and Mental Health. The title is: "Delinquent behaviour patterns in adolescence: Development and associated personality traits".

Forthcoming in Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour

Mikael Rostila has got an article accepted for publication in the Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, titled "The facets of social capital".

Forthcoming in Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology

Johan Fritzell is one of the co-authors behind the study "Trends in Socioeconomic Disparities in Oral Health in Brazil and Sweden", forthcoming in Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology.

Forthcoming in Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology

An article by Bitte Modin, Viveca Östberg and Ylva Almquist is now forthcoming in Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology. The title is "Childhood peer status and adult susceptibility to anxiety and depression. A 30-year hospital follow-up".

Forthcoming in Journal of Marriage and Family

Mikael Rostila has, together with Jan Saarela, a forthcoming article in Journal of Marriage and Family. The title is "Death does not heal all wounds: Mortality following the death of a parent".

Recent findings on risk factors for ADHD

Professor Anders Hjern is the lead author of a study on risk factors for ADHD in national cohort of Swedish school children. The results of the study suggests that ADHD is associated with low materernal education, lone parents and welfare benefits.

Interview with Mikael Rostila

Mikael Rostila was recently interviewed by the Nordic Labour Journal (Arbeidsliv i Norden) about his work on international differences in social trust.

CHESS - en ledande forskningsinstitution

Just före sommaren presenterades för andra året en bibliometrisk studie av den samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten samtliga 24 institutioner + den juridiska fakulteten. Man tillämpar det som kallas den norska modellen. Alldeles oavsett vilket mått man lägger störst vikt vid är det alldeles uppenbart att CHESS tillhör det ledande skiktet.

Forthcoming in Epidemiology

An article by Kristiina Rajaleid, Imre Janszky and Johan Hallqvist is now forthcoming in Epidemiology. The title is: "Synergistic interaction between small size for gestational age and overweight in adulthood on acute myocardial infaction risk - the SHEEP study".

Interview with Marit Gisselmann

PhD Marit Gisselmann was recently interviewed by Swedish television (svt) about an article that she has published in Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. The study concerns the combined influence of parental education and preterm birth on children’s school performance.

Forthcoming in Aging and Mental Health

Monica Åberg Yngwe is a co-author to a forthcoming article in Aging and Mental Health, titled: "Widowhood and the risk of psychiatric care, psychotropic medication and all-cause mortality - a cohort study of 658 022 elderly people in Sweden".

Published in Social Science and Medicine

Olle Lundberg has published a commentary in Social Science and Medicine, titled: "Politics, public health and pessimism: should we take studies on welfare states and public health further? A commentary on Tapia Granados".

Susanna Toivanen awarded post-doc grant by RJ

Susanna Toivanen has been granted a three-year post-doc by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ). The grant is linked to a programme called Flexit, with the aim to build bridges between the humanities and social sciences and sectors outside of academia. Toivanen's research concerns 'work places of the future' and she will conduct her research at NCC, one of the leading construction and property development companies in the Nordic region.

Interviews with Mikael Rostila

Mikael Rostila was recently interviewed by Swedish media concerning his opinion of an American study about social relations and mortality, published by Holt-Lunstad, Smith and Layton in PLoS Medicine.

Published in Work and Stress

Susanna Toivanen is one of the authors of an article, titled "Beyond simple approaches to studying the association between work characteristics and absenteeism: Combining the DCS and ERI models", that was recently published in Work and Stress.

Published in International Journal of Epidemiology

Professor Ilona Koupil is the co-author of two articles published ahead of print in International Journal of Epidemiology. The first examines the influence of familial factors on the association between maternal smoking during pregnancy and overweight in the offspring, while the second investigates birth weight of infants and mortality in their parents and grandparents.

Workshop at Södertuna Castle

On June 19-21, the 9th biannual Fin-Scot-Swe workshop on health inequalities was held. This year, CHESS was the host for the workshop. Together with our Finnish and Scottish colleagues, we spent three days at Södertuna Castle, north of Stockholm. The scientific programme included over thirty presentations. We look forward to the next workshop, which will be hosted by the Finnish group.

Published in Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health

Marit Gisselmann has, together with Ilona Koupil and Bianca De Stavola, recently published an article in Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. The study is based on an Uppsala birth cohort and concerns the links between parental education, gestational age and school performance.

BMJ debate on IQ

A recently published article in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), written by Lager, Bremberg and Vågerö, has lead to an intense debate between IQ researchers.

A critique of the Swedish National Institute of Public Health

Denny Vågerö and seven other persons (6 public health scholars and one member of parliament) has criticised a report from the Swedish National Institute of Public Health. All of them were members of the reference group set up to oversee the writing of the report. The report was supposed to outline what Sweden can learn from the WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health. According to the critics it has failed to do so. Therefore a parliamentary commission to address health inequities in Sweden is called for.

Published in Sociology of Health and Illness

An article by Mikael Rostila (CHESS) has now been published in Sociology of Health and Illness. The title is "Birds of a feather flock together - and fall ill? Migrant homophily and health in Sweden".

Studiedag: "Det läcker ur välfärden"

Svensk socialpolitisk förening inbjuder till studiedag: "Det läcker ur välfärden". Studiedagen äger rum onsdagen den 5 maj, ABF-huset, Sveavägen 41, Stockholm. För mer information, se länkarna nedan.

Forthcoming in Journal of Adolescence

Jenny Freidenfelt Liljeberg (CHESS) has an article forthcoming in Journal of Adolescene. The title is "Poor School Bonding and Delinquency over Time: Bidirectional Effects and Sex Differences". It is written together with Jenny Eklund, Marie Väfors Fritz and Britt af Klinteberg.

Health inequalities a threat to society

Today, Svenska Dagbladet published a debate article by Denny Vågerö. The article presents new data on the association between income and mortality in Sweden, showing that mortality risks decrease by increased disposable income. Vågerö concludes that even a presumably equal country as Sweden needs to recognize the negative consequences of social inequalities for health.

Marmot Review report launched today

Today the report "Fair Societies, Healthy Lives: The Marmot Review" is presented at a conference in London. The report presents recommendations for actions to reduce health inequalities, and is based on an extensive review of evidence and policies in England today. Professors Denny Vågerö and Olle Lundberg from CHESS have been actively involved in the work.

Continued interest in work of Mikael Rostila

Swedish media continue to show interest in Mikael Rostila's work on social capital and health. The editioral of Piteå-Tidningen, the radio show Tendens and an article in Folktidningen has reported on the importance of Rostila's research.

Published in Journal of Family Issues

Johan Fritzell (CHESS) is one of the authors to "Time-for-Money Exchanges Between Older and Younger Generations in Swedish Families", published in Journal of Family Issues.

Published in European Review

Denny Vågerö (CHESS) has published an article in European Review, titled "The East-West Health Divide in Europe: Growing and Shifting Eastwards".


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