CHESS researchers visit Peking University

A group of researchers at CHESS has visited the Institute of Child and Adolescent Health at Peking University. The purpose of the visit was a jointly organized workshop focussing on children’s and adolescents’ health, 19-20 September 2012.

Funding granted from FAS

Forskningsrådet för Arbetsliv och Socialvetenskap (FAS) has granted three applications for research funds submitted by CHESS researchers.

Forthcoming in Addiction

Ylva B Almquist and Viveca Östberg are the authors of a forthcoming study in Addiction entitled "Social relationships and subsequent health-related behaviours: Linkages between adolescent peer status and levels of adult smoking in a Stockholm cohort".

Interview with Denny Vågerö in Swedidh television

Professor Denny Vågerö was interviewed by Swedish television discussing health and the economic crisis in Europe.

Media interest in research by Anna Goodman and Ilona Koupil

Findings of differences in fertility across five generations in the Uppsala Birth Cohort Multigenerational study published by Anna Goodman, Ilona Koupil and David Lawson in Proc. R. Soc. B. last month have been highlighted in Nature and are discussed in The Economist.

Published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

Anna Goodman and Ilona Koupil are co-authors of a study in Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences entitled "Low fertility increases descendant socioeconomic position but reduces long-term fitness in a modern post-industrial society"

CHESS Masters program evaluated by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education

The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education presented on June 27 the results from the evaluation of Public Health Sciences. The overall assessment of our Master programme “Population Health: Societal and individual perspectives” was high quality. We are proud of the result, also knowing that we have since this first round (2008-10) which was evaluated improved the programme even more.

CHESS performs well in bibliometric comparisons for 2011

Bibliometric studies shows that CHESS, together with SoRAD produced the most publication points by anual manpower within the social sciences at Stockholm University.

Ett extra år i skolan förlängde livet

En ny studie av Anton Lager, CHESS, och Jenny Torssander, SOFI, visar att de som gick i nioårig grundskola har haft lägre dödlighet än de som gick i den äldre, kortare, folkskolan. Studien har nyligen publicerats i den amerikanska vetenskapsakademiens tidskrift PNAS.

PhD studentship in sociology at CHESS

A PhD studentship in Sociology at the Department of Sociology with placement at the Centre for Health Equity Studies (CHESS) is now open for applications. The position involves research in the project ”The relevance of the school for young people’s psychological and psychosomatic health”.

Denny Vågerö and Sir Michael Marmot interviewed in Swedish radio

Professor Denny Vågerö and professor Sir Michae Marmot were interviewed for the Swedish radio show "Vetenskapsradion".

Two new doctoral students

We welcome two new doctoral students in sociology: Olof Östergren and Andrea Dunlavy. Olof will work together with his main supervisor Olle Lundberg on a cross-national project about gender and educational inequalities in mortality whereas Andrea will work on a project about work life and health among people with foreign background, led by her main supervisor Mikael Rostila.

Media interest in the Elvis Project

In recent days, the Elvis Project has recieved interest in the Swedish media.

Media interest in research by Anders Hjern

In recent days, research by professor Anders Hjern has generated interest in the Swedish media.

Forthcoming in Social Science & Medicine

Anthony Garcy and Denny Vågerö are the authors of a forthcoming study in Social Science & Medicine entitled "The length of unemployment predicts mortality, differently in men and women, and by cause of death: A six year mortality follow-up of the Swedish 1992-1996 recession"

Mikael Rostila and Susanna Toivanen in Dagens Arena

Mikael Rostila and Susanna Toivanen are the authors of a text in Dagens Arena discussing social determinants of health.

Media interest in study by Anders Hjern

Anders Hjern was interviewed by Uppsala Nya Tidning about a study in Acta Paediatrica entitled "Educational achievement and vocational career in twins-Swedish national cohort study"

Published in Neuropsychobiology

Jennie Ahrén-Moonga and Briff af Klinteberg are co-authors of a study published in Neuropsychobiology entitled "Levels of tumour necrosis factor-alpha and interleukin-6 in severely ill patients with eating disorders"

Prof. Denny Vågerö co-author of a text in Dagens Nyheter

The Malmö commission are the authors of a text published in Dagens Nyheter highlighting, among other things social inequalities in health in Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden. Professor Denny Vågerö (CHESS) is one on the authors and member of the commission.

Media interest in book edited by Mikael Rostila and Susanna Toivanen

Mikael Rostila and Susanna Toivanen are the editors of a new book on health inequalities entitled "Den orättvisa hälsan – om socioekonomiska skillnader i hälsa och dödlighet". This book has recently recieved attention in the Swedish media.

Panel discussion on alcohol in Russia and Europe

Alcohol is a major health problem in Europe. To launch Alexander Nemtsov’s book “A contemporary history of Alcohol in Russia” a panel discussion on Alcohol in Russia and Europe” took place in Stockholm December 20th. It was jointly organised by CHESS and SCOHOST at Södertörn University. Malcolm Dixelius led the discussion which included Alexander Nemtsov, Dave Leon, Maria Renström, Barbro Westerholm and Denny Vågerö. The audience was also active in the discussion.

Published in Public Service Review: European Union

Ilona Koupil and Anna Goodman discuss how a lifecourse perspective can be applied to conceptualise the processes whereby health inequalities arise and are reproduced across generations. They also introduce a large multigenerational study currently running at CHESS.

Forthcoming in Journal of School Health

Ylva B Almquist and Bitte Modin are two of the authors in a forthcoming study in Journal of School Health. The study is entitled "Peer acceptance in the scool class and subjective health complaints. A multilevel approach"

Book seminar – new book on health inequalities

Are you planning to give a course in social inequalities in health? Then we would like to invite you to a book seminar at CHESS Jan 27 at 1-3 pm when our new Swedish book will be released.

Fourthcoming in Social Science and Medicine

Mikael Rostila, Maria Kölegård and Johan Fritzell are the authors of a forthcoming study in Social Science and Medicine, entitled "Income inequality and self-rated health in Stockholm, Sweden. A test of the 'income inequality hypothesis on two levels of aggregation".


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