Anthony Garcy awarded funds by the Swedish Research Council

A team led by Anthony Garcy was awarded funding from the Swedish Research Council for the project “Educational quality, birth characteristics, scholastic and employment outcomes for two generations of Swedish children” (total SEK 6,696,000 for 2014-2017).

CHESS contributions to WHO/UCL Review

On Wednesday October 31 the WHO European Review of Social Determinants and the Health Divide was launched at an event held at the BMA house in London.

CHESS researchers awarded funds by the Swedish Research Council

A team led by Ilona Koupil was awarded funding from the Swedish Research Council for a project on “Methods in register-based research in Life course and social epidemiology“ (total SEK 3,120,000 for 2014-2016).

Amal Khanolkar defends his doctoral thesis

On November 12th, Amal Khanolkar will defend his doctoral thesis "Inequalities in Health - Social, Biological, Ethnic and Life-course perspectives"

Doktorandtjänster i folkhälsovetenskap

Enligt beslut från rektor ingår numera folkhälsovetenskap som ett ämne för utbildning på forskarnivå vid Stockholms universitet. Centre for Health Equity Studies (CHESS) ansvarar för utbildningen och bedriver den gemensamt med Stressforskningsinstitutet (SFI).

Paper by CHESS researchers selected for a plenary session

A paper entitled “Association between birth characteristics and eating disorders across the lifecourse: Findings from two million males and females born in Sweden 1975-1998” by Goodman, Heshmati, Malki & Koupil was selected for presentation in a plenary session at the 57th Annual Scientific Meeting of the UK Society for Social Medicine.

Seminar on social inequalities in health among young women

Chess researchers gave talks when KvinnorKan presented its final report.

Seminar on children's health

Sachs' Children and Youth Hospital and CHESS are co-arranging a seminar on Child Public Health entinled "Barnhälsovetenskap - utmaningar för kommande generationers hälsa".

Grant awarded to Susanna Toivanen

Associate Professor Susanna Toivanen recieved a 75 000 SEK research grant from the Swedish Royal Academy of Science, the Hierta-Retzius foundation grant fund.

Symposium "Health inequalities in modern welfare states"

A symposium on ”Health inequalities in modern welfare states” took place at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences January 23-24th. Anton Lager, Olle Lundberg and Denny Vågerö from CHESS participated.

Anders Hjern gives a talk at UCL

Professor Anders Hjern will give the 2013 Catherine Peckham lecture on February 18. The lecture is entitled "School performance and health – a life course perspective on vulnerable populations".


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