New funds for research on joint custody

Malin Bergström, Anders Hjern and Emma Fransson in the Elvis-project (on växELVIS boende för barn) were rewarded funds from Forte for the project "How do pre-schoolers fare in joint physical custody?"(Hur mår förskolebarn i växelvis boende?). The project will be running 2015-2017. New data will be collected on four-year-old children and their families at the regular child health care (BVC) visits.

Ongoing research on stress and working conditions among teachers

Preliminary results from the survey “Learning environment and health” were recently highlighted in the Swedish journal “Lärarnas Tidning”. The results show, among other things, that a great proportion of high-school teachers in Stockholm experience high levels of pressure and stress. On the positive side, a vast majority of teachers feel that they get support from their colleagues.

Vacant positions

CHESS is accepting applications for two vacant positions, professor in Public Science, especially social epidemiology and professor in Medical Sociology.

Denny Vågerö featured on 'Vetenskapens Värld'

Chess researcher Denny Vågerö was featured on Vetenskpens Värld on Swedish television in an episode about social inequalities and social inequalities in health.

Invited speaker

Mikael Rostila was invited as plenary speaker at Matchpoints seminar at University of Aarhus, Denmark. His talk was titled “Social Capital and Health Inequality in European Welfare States”

Media interest in study by CHESS researcher

CHESS researcher Mikael Rostila was interviewed by Live Science about results from a study recently published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

Alexander Miething defends his doctoral thesis

The thesis is entitled "Others’ income, one’s own fate: How income inequality, relative social position and social comparisons contribute to disparities in health". Professor Espen Dahl will be the opponent.

Mikael Rostila gave talks in Brazil

Mikael Rostila gave two talks in Rio de Janeiro at department of physical education and sports, Rural University of Rio de Janeiro and Instituto de Medicina Social at State University of Rio de Janeiro.

Published in Pediatrics

Three percent of all Swedish children experience the loss of a parent to death during their childhood. In a new study in Pediatrics, Lisa Berg and co-authors have studied the consequences of this in terms of schools marks in grade 9.

Media interest in study by CHESS researchers

CHESS researcher Anna Goodman was interviewed by Live Science about results from a study recently published in the American Journal of Epidemiology. CHESS researchers Amy Heshmati and Ilona Koupil are two of the co-authors of the study.

PhD student position in Public Health

We hereby invite applications for a doctoral student positions in Public Health. Deadline for applications is March 15, 2014.


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