New report summarizes research on joint physical custody

The research project Elvis has, since 2011, studied the wellbeing of children living in joint physical custody. The results of studies from the project, in addition to other Swedish studies, have now been summarized in a research overview report.

Childhood social inequality and alcohol related disorders later in life

Karl Gauffin's doctoral dissertation has received media attention.

Anthony Garcy interviewed by Akademikern

Dr. Garcy's research on educational mismatch and mortality has been featured in Swedish and international media.

Olle Lundberg head of new Swedish Commission on Equal Health

Professor Olle Lundberg, Director of CHESS, has been appointed head of the new Swedish Commission on Equal Health. The general task of the commission will be to develop strategies to reduce health inequalities in society.

School performance linked to alcohol-related disorders in early adulthood

A Swedish national register study by CHESS researchers Karl Gauffin, Anders Hjern and others shows a strong relationship between school marks at end of compulsory school and alcohol related disorders in young adulthood.

Family break-up linked to heightened risk of psychosomatic problems in teens

A new study by CHESS researchers Malin Bergström, Emma Fransson, Bitte Modin, and Anders Hjern (among others) has received international media attention.

Low status in school - a life-long risk factor

The research carried out by Ylva B Almquist and colleagues at CHESS recently received interest in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. Their studies show, among other things, that the child’s status position in the school class is associated with a wide range of short-term and long-term outcomes related to education, income, employment, and health.

New publication on Vanguard groups and life expectancy

A study of “Vanguard groups” in Sweden, Norway and Finland reveals that these groups are increasingly moving ahead of other groups in terms of life expectancy.

New funds for research on school context and health

Bitte Modin, Ylva B Almquist, Sara Brolin Låftman, Viveca Östberg, as well as researchers at the Stress Research Institute, Institute for Future Studies, and the Department of Criminology at SU were recently awarded 4,611,000 SEK from Formas, Forte, VR, and Vinnova for the project “School-contextual pathways to psychological symptoms among Swedish youth in the wake of the 1990s school reforms”. The project will be running 2015-2017. Our data material combines student and teacher information from two separate data collections performed in 2014 comprising 81 senior-level schools.

Two new PhD student positions in Public Health

The deadline for both applications was March 15, 2015 and has now passed.

CHESS report featured in Dagens Nyheter

CHESS presenterar idag en rapport som belyser hälsa och social situation för unga vuxna i åldern 30-35 år som vuxit upp i familjer där det funnits missbruk och eller psykisk sjukdom. Rapporten har skrivits i nära samarbete med Socialstyrelsen och Nationellt Kunskapscentrum för Anhöriga och är finansierad av regeringen.

Peruvian media interest in study by CHESS researcher Pia Chaparro

A study conducted by CHESS researcher Pia Chaparro was recently featured in the science blog of El Comercio.


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