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Gabriella is a researcher at CHESS/Department of Sociology, Stockholm University. Her main research interest lies in the study of child health and in exploring how childhood conditions are related to differences in health and wellbeing both here and now and in the long run. 

2007 BSC in Sociology, Stockholm University

2010 – PhD Student at CHESS
2007-2010 Research assistant at CHESS

Gabriella is also engaged in the study of working life and health. Especially she is interested in aspects of working life associated with good health.

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Olsson, G. and J. Fritzell (2015). "A Multilevel Study on Ethnic and Socioeconomic School Stratification and Health-Related Behaviors Among Students in Stockholm." Journal of School Health 85(12): 871-879.

Olsson, G. and J. Fritzell (2016). "Family Composition and Youth Health Risk Behaviors: the Role of Patental Relation and the School Context." Child Indicators Research: 1-19.