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Susanna Toivanen’s research is in the area of sociology of work and medical sociology. The focus is principally on the sociological perspectives of income, work environment, and individual coping resources in relation to cardiovascular and mental health in working populations, as well as health inequalities between different socioeconomic groups in the labor market. As the Swedish labor market is clearly segregated by gender, the focus is also on health differences in women and men.

Current research topics include: 
(a) work and health among the self-employed
(c) workplaces (offices) of the future, work organization and health
(d) social determinants of health and health inequalities in adult life

Susanna Toivanen teaches regularly, and is the co-editor of Den orättvisa hälsan (Liber 2012), the first course book in Swedish about health inequalities.

Toivanen was the Erik Allardt Fellow at Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies in September 2013 – May 2014. Presently, she collaborates with the CoPassion project at the University of Helsinki. She is a long term collaborator with the ELSA-Brasil study group at Oswaldo Cruz Foundation in Rio de Janeiro.

Doctoral thesis

Toivanen, S. Work-related inequalities in health. Studies of income, work environment, and sense of coherence. Centre for Health Equity Studies, StockholmsUniversitet/Karolinska Institutet. Stockholm: Stockholm University, 2007.

Selected publications

Toivanen, S, Mellner, C, Vinberg, S. Self‐employed persons in Sweden ‐ mortality differentials by industrial sector and enterprise legal form: A five‐year follow‐up study. American journal of industrial medicine, 2015;58(1):21-32.

Griep, R H, Bastos, L S, da Fonseca, M D J M, Silva-Costa, A, Portela, L F, Toivanen, S, & Rotenberg, L. Years worked at night and body mass index among registered nurses from eighteen public hospitals in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. BMC health services research, 2014;14(1):1.

Toivanen, S. Income differences in stroke mortality: a follow-up study of the Swedish working population. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health 2011; 39(8):797-804.

Toivanen, S. Exploring the interplay between work stress and socioeconomic position in relation to common health complaints: the role of interaction. American Journal of Industrial Medicine 2011;54(10):780-790.

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