The programme contains a range of different teaching and training activities. The activities offered by the programme can be summarised under four points:

1. Advanced level courses that aim to complement and bridge the existing supply of courses offered by the disciplinary departments at KI and SU (e.g. interdisciplinary perspectives on health).

Advanced-level courses

2. Workshops and seminars with focus on central aspects of academic craftsmanship, mainly how to write, read, present, comment and publish academic texts and papers.

Workshops and seminars

2:1 Journal Club (Denny Vågerö) where PhDs meet every second month to critically evaluate selected articles in the scientific literature.

Journal Club

2:2 Educational half-days aim to increase the knowledge about (1) certain softwares that are useful to know about in our research, and (2) specific topics of interest across disciplines.

Educational half-days

2:3 Internal Work Seminars (Johan Fritzell). These seminars serve to consider "papers-in-progress". The work of PhD-students will be prioritized, but other researchers at CHESS are also encouraged to present papers at these seminars. For each seminar, two commentators are appointed. Ten minutes are given to the author to briefly present his/her work, whereupon 20 minutes are set aside for the commentators. After this, 30 minutes are left for comments and questions from the audience. PhD-students are expected to present at least one "paper-in-progress" per year at these seminars.

Internal work seminars

3. Short courses in statistical techniques. These courses are arranged by the postgraduate program itself to meet specific needs of our PhD collective to acquire certain statistical competences that is required for their doctoral work.

Short courses in statistical techniques

4. Nordic workshops together with colleagues from Denmark and Finland (organized over two days with PhD-students giving presentations and getting comments on their pre-distributed work from other PhD-students and senior researchers).

Nordic workshops

These activities will, as far as possible, include participation from our international collaborators, as lecturers, advisers or participants in discussions.

Information letters

The more specific activities taking place in the near future are announced bimonthly through an information letter sent to all participants in the programme. These can be downloaded at the bottom of this page ("Attached files"). 

More information

The head of the postgraduate programme is Olle Lundberg:
08-16 26 53,

If you have any questions , please contact coordinator Bitte Modin:
08-16 44 66,


DanSwe 2012

Danish-Swedish doctoral workshop, November 26-27, 2012