March 26 Deadline for extended abstracts.

The conference is built on existing collaborations and workshop meetings held between the CHESS postgraduate programme and the University of Copenhagen and University of Helsinki. CHESS students have participated in annual PhD student workshops with these groups for nearly a decade, meeting with each institution every other year.

NODE aims to strengthen collaborative research networks across Nordic research institutions and to connect PhD students of various disciplinary backgrounds that are engaged in research on health inequalities and social determinants of health. NODE will also serve as a forum for knowledge exchange on leading public health and health equity issues in the region.

During the conference participating students will have an opportunity to present their work and to receive comments in a friendly collegial atmosphere, and to listen to speakers from within and outside academia that can serve as sources of inspiration. Networking and career development activities will be arranged to facilitate the development of new contacts between junior and senior researchers in the field. A conference dinner for all attendees will be held on the first evening.

Similar to the nodes often referred to within social network research, we hope that NODE will serve as a platform for the development of a wider research network structure upon which we can build a greater sense of community among emerging health science professionals in the Nordic region.






Financial support for this conference provided by FORTE

Invited institutions

University of Copenhagen, Section of Social Medicine

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

University of Helsinki

Stockholm University, Swedish Institute for Social Research

Stockholm University, Stress Research Institute

Karolinska Institutet, Aging Research Center

Centre for Health Equity Studies (CHESS)

Norweigan University of Science and Technology