Overall Manager: Wiemer Salverda (AIAS)
Manager in Sweden: Johan Fritzell
Period: 2010-02-01 – 2013-01-01
Funded by: 7th Framework Programme of the European Community
Team members in Sweden: Jennie Bacchus Hertzman (CHESS), Ida Borg (SOFI/SU), Olof Bäckman (SOFI/SU), Tommy Ferrarini (SOFI/SU) and Kenneth Nelson (SOFI/SU)

Description of the project
The project focus is inequalities in income/wealth and education and their social, political and cultural impacts. It combines an integrated interdisciplinary approach, improved methodologies, an enhanced understanding of inequality (at the bottom/middle/top/very top of the distribution), with a wide country coverage, a clear policy dimension and a broad dissemination of the results. The research will exploit differences between and within countries in inequality levels and inequality trends to understand their impacts and tease out the implications for policy and institutions. It highlights potential effects of individual distributional positions and increasing inequality for a host of ‘bad outcomes’ (both societal and individual) and allows feedback from these impacts to inequality itself in a frame of policy-oriented debate and comparison across 25 EU countries, the USA, Japan, Canada and Australia.

Official webpage of the GINI project: http://www.gini-research.org/

The Core Partner Institutes of the project is; Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies (AIAS), University of Amsterdam, London School of Economics / CASE, University College Dublin, University of Milan, TÁRKI Budapest and Antwerp University CBS.

Publications from CHESS members:

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