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Basic Information
Project name: Educational quality, birth characteristics, scholastic and employment outcomes for two generations of Swedish children.
Manager: Anthony Garcy
Period: 2014-01-01-2017-12-31
Funded by: The Swedish Research Council 


Despite many studies that have established the importance of school resources and teacher competence on the educational success of children, there are few if any studies that examine the effect of these potential moderators in relation to the educational outcomes of children of low birth weight, those born post-term, and those with higher birth order. This project, utilizing a life course perspective, will test the hypothesis that education quality moderates the effect of these birth characteristics on the scholastic and employment outcomes of Swedish children. The project encompasses three studies and will use longitudinal data from different time periods. Each study will account for the early life history of individual students in addition to their later experience in school. In the first study, we will build upon an existing archival data source from UBCoS (Uppsala Birth Cohort Mulitgenerational study) that will link detailed information about the childrens’ teachers and the resources available to the school to their birth (born 1915-29) and social characteristics. The second study will utilize register data from UBCoS for their grandchildren born 1973-80. The third study will utilize nationally representative, population-level register data from the Children of Addicts Study (born 1973-80). The studies in this project are likely to generate evidence that have policy implications regarding equitable access to high quality, educational opportunities for vulnerable children.