Welcome to CHESS and our seminar with Professor Bo Burström “Equity impact of the Swedish choice reform (Vårdval) in primary care”.

At the seminar, Professor Burström will discuss area differences and inequalities in health in the Stockholm County and how choice reforms in health care may impact on these inequalities. Some mechanisms which may generate inequalities in health care utilization, and results from a recent paper will be discussed.

For more information about research on how the choice reform and change of reimbursement system have affected equity in primary care consumption in the Stockholm County please see:

Agerholm J, Bruce D, Ponce de Leon A, Burström B. Equity impact of a choice reform and change in reimbursement system in primary care in Stockholm County Council. BMC Health Serv Res. 2015 Sep 26;15:420. doi: 10.1186/s12913-015-1105-8.

Prof Dr Bo Burström has a combined position as a Professor in Social Medicine at the Department of Public Health Sciences, Karolinska Institutet, and a Senior Consultant at the Centre for Epidemiology and Community Medicine, Stockholm County Council. In the last 20 years, his work has focused on inequalities in health, health care and social consequences of disease.

The seminar will take place in room No 549 (CHESS Library) at CHESS, 5th floor, Sveavägen 160 (Sveaplan), on Wednesday 27 April at 1.30 pm.