Welcome to CHESS and our seminar with Professor Gunilla Krantz “Intimate partner violence: causes and consequences in an international perspective”.

At the seminar, Professor Krantz will discuss different forms of intimate partner violence and its health effects as a substantial public health burden. Why does it happen? What are the theories? Why do prevalence rates differ in different countries and regions in the world?

Professor Krantz will also present results from her recent research in Rwanda, Sweden and Nordic countries. These include examples of data collection for population based studies in a context of genocide and a low income country as well as investigations of gender inequality index and its relation to prevalence rates of violence across low and high income countries.

Prof Dr Gunilla Krantz specialised in General Practice and Social Medicine and is now a Professor in Public Health Science at the Göteborg University. Her research and teaching is mainly within Global Health and the main research areas of interest include research on violence in intimate relationships with studies performed in Sweden, Vietnam, Pakistan and Rwanda; adolescent health; young women's health and sickness absence; as well as health care services use in a gender perspective. At present, Professor Krantz leads two collaborative projects with University of Rwanda, on Traumatic experience, mental illness and barriers to care and Quality and utilization of antenatal care and delivery services, pregnancy complications and their impact on health and family situation with cost-effectiveness analyses. Professor Krantz also contributes to teaching on global health and gender issues.

The seminar will take place in room No 549 (CHESS Library) at CHESS, 5th floor, Sveavägen 160 (Sveaplan), on Wednesday 8 June at 1.30 pm.