Welcome to CHESS and our seminar with Professor Johan Hallqvist “The identification and quantification of mechanisms, explaining social differences in risk of disease”.

At the seminar, Professor Hallqvist will discuss important theoretical aspects, e.g. how research questions concerning social differences in risk of disease should be conceptualized. He will also review and discuss traditional and innovative methodology in the field, and present some results from own recent analyses.

Prof Dr Johan Hallqvist is a Professor in Preventive Medicine and the Head of the Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences at the Uppsala University, and a senior consultant in social medicine at Akademiska Sjukhuset Uppsala.

The seminar will take place in room No 549 (CHESS Library) at CHESS, 5th floor, Sveavägen 160 (Sveaplan), on Wednesday 25 May at 1.30 pm.