In this project we study the socioeconomic gradient in health among children in Sweden. The results show a remarkable linear relationship between family income and child health. We study different diagnoses and whether the socioeconomic gradient has changed over time. Furthermore, we study the health of a financially exposed group of children: children with parents on welfare. We find that this group have higher mortality rates and have worse health – especially worse mental health – compared with other children. Finally we study the relationship between health problems in childhood and outcomes later in life. Children’s health is measured using the in-patient register and registers including prescription to children. These data are connected to a data base including information parental income and education. For more information in Swedish, see:

Helena Svaleryd is an Associate Professor of Economics at Uppsala University. The focus of her current work is on the determinants of child well-being; including the relationship between parental background and child well-being, as well as effects of policy. On-going projects use different strategies to identify the causal effects of family conditions and policy changes on child health and education outcomes.

The seminar will take place in room No 549 at CHESS, 5th floor, Sveavägen 160 (Sveaplan), on Wednesday 17 December at 1.30 pm.