Date: 2012-10-10
Time: 13.30
Place: CHESS library, Sveaplan, 5th floor

Cognition is a collective term for intellectual functions that includes awareness, memory and language. Research within the psychology of ageing involves the study of the cognitive changes that occur during normal and pathological ageing, and also how factors like gender and hormones affect cognitive ability. Professor Agneta Herlitz will give an overview of sex differences in cognitive functions with a special focus on sex differences in memory functions, showing that there are sex differences favoring women in verbal episodic memory tasks, men outperform women on highly visuospatial episodic memory tasks, but also that women’s advantage on face recognition is a result of an own-gender bias. The possible explanations for these differences, found throughout the lifespan, will be discussed, specifically focusing on the potential effects of gender equality.

Agneta Herlitz is a Professor of Geriatric Psychology at the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society at Karolinska Institutet.