The Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet)

Project 2013-5104

"Methods in register-based research in life course and social epidemiology"
PI: Ilona Koupil

Project 2013-2139

"Educational quality, birth characteristics, scholastic and employment outcomes for two generations of Swedish children"
PI: Anthony Garcy

SIMSAM Lund Project 2013-5474

"New perspectives on the interplay between environmental factors, social issues and health"

Project 2006-7498

"Uppsala Birth Cohort Multigenerational Study (UBCoS Multigen)"
PI: Ilona Koupil

Project 345-2003-2440

"The Uppsala birth cohort multigeneration study: reproduction of health and health inequality across five generations"
PI: Ilona Koupil


The Swedish Resarch Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (FORTE)

Project 2013-1084

"Social mobility and health among Swedish men and women born 1915-2010:  life course and intergenerational effects across the twentieth century"
PI: Ilona Koupil


The Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (Forskningsrådet för arbetsliv och socialvetenskap, FAS)

Project 2003-0101

"Reproduction of health and health inequality across five generations" ("Sociala skillnader i hälsa. En studie av deras reproduction över fem generationer")
PI: Ilona Koupil

Project 2004-1439

"Life course approach to health equity studies" ("Livsförloppsfaktorers betydelse för hälsa och hälsoojämlikhet")
PI: Ilona Koupil

Project 2006-1276

"Statistical methods in life course research" ("Statistiska metoder för livsförloppsstudier")
PI: Ilona Koupil

Project 2007-1010

"Developmental origins of health inequality – maternal influences, growth in early life, reproduction, and health in adulthood"
PI: Ilona Koupil


Centre for Health Equity Studies (CHESS)