Our main research objectives are to:
(i) Address questions of the extent to which and the mechanisms whereby social advantage and disadvantage are transmitted from one generation to the next, giving rise to continuity in social disadvantage both over the life cycle and across generations.
(ii) Explore how early social and biological factors, especially those related to cardiovascular risk, are transmitted from the parent generation to offspring generation(s).
(iii) Try to integrate the understanding of broader social mechanisms with the understanding of disease specific aetiology to answer the question of how, and to what extent, health inequalities are reproduced into each new generation.

Within this project, we hope to shed light upon some very specific mechanisms how health inequalities are formed over the life-course and regenerated in each new generation. In addition, we hope to be able to inform policy makers about factors that have a long term influence on educational attainment and health, offering new insights for prevention, health promotion and equity in educational attainment.

Uppsala university hospital and castle
Photo: Alfred Dahlgren/Upplandsmuseet. Uppsala university hospital and Uppsala castle from south-west, 1901-1902.